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nspicuous impacts on the natural ecosystems of the Earth, and posed severe challenges t▓o the survival and development of human society.As a dev▓eloping country with a

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large population, a relatively low level of economic development, a complex climate and a fragile eco-environment, China is vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate c

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hange, which has brought s▓ubstantial threats to the natural ecosystems as well as th▓e economic and social development of the country. Th▓ese threats are particularly pressing in the fields ▓of agriculture a

nd livestock breeding, forestry, natural ecosystems and water resources, and in coastal an▓d eco-fragile zones. Therefore, China's priority tas▓k at present is to adapt itself to climate change.A responsible developing country, China sets great stor▓e by climate change issues. Ful

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ly aware of the importance and urgency of addressing climate change, following the requirements of the Scientific Outlook on Development, and taking into overall consideration of bot

  • ss in Addressing Climate ChangeVII. Enhancing International Cooper
  • ation on Climate ChangeVIII. Insti▓tution and Mechanism Building for Coping w
nclusionForewordGlob al climate change and its ad verse ▓effe cts are a comm on concern of ma nkind. Ever sinc ▓e the indust rial revolution, human a ctivities, espec▓ia lly the massive consumptio n of energy and resources by developed cou ntries in the process of industrialization , have i ncreased the atmos pheric concent rations of green▓ho use gases, produced co 陇川县wap 来安县wap 清苑县wap 长汀县5G 侯马市wap 东台市5G 泰宁县5G 海门市wap 安岳县5G 麻栗坡县5G 通河县wap 蓬安县wap 辽宁省wap 定远县wap 封开县5G 顺平县wap 招远市wap 贵溪市wap 永兴县5G 叶县5G 传奇私服英雄合击 传奇私服1.80战神复古 新开176毁灭传奇私服 九彩帝龙传奇私服 传奇私服破解版 传奇私服攻沙几点结束 暗黑版本传奇私服网 传奇私服单机版本 传奇私服合击版发布网 热血传奇私服下载地址